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Academic Implementation – Practical Realization

Our company name is chosen to describe our philosophy: Using engineering skills and technologies we can find optimal and well-balanced state for process and business of our clients. We have in our toolbox techniques and methods for problems to be solved with different type of optimization methods together with wide range of data analyzing methods, too. Machinery level modeling can be done using with FEM/CFD like tools and entire production lines with suitable system simulation tools. Additionally we have created complete control systems for on-line control and data acquisition of pilot plants and real-scale machinery.

Main business areas for us have been Pulp & Paper, Energy Technology and HVAC systems.

Its about the time to start the heat recovery system check-up!

The cold weather period serves excellent conditions to make heat recovery system survey. In Balance Engineering we have several service packages for your needs to measure, analyse and optimize the operation of the present heat recovery system and also to design the future activities on this area. Please ask for the further info how we can increase energy efficiency of your production process! See more from our news section.



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